Valentine’s Day Fun

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Valentine’s Day Fun


Denise Koonce OTR

Love is in the air!  Cupid is sharpening his arrows!  The retail stores have every possible offering of chocolate known to man.  Children are making their Valentine mail boxes in class and looking forward to what will be delivered in them on Valentine’s Day.  Are you ready for Valentine’s Day?  While perusing the internet I found a few fun activities geared around Valentine’s Day which require a minimal amount of supplies.  They do, however, provide an opportunity to work on fine motor activities, sensory integration, and direction following.  Some of these activities have been around for a long time and some are new.  They are all very cute and great activities for both home and in therapy.   

Hersey’s Kiss Valentine Ring


Items Needed:  red, pink, white or metallic pipe cleaners, Hersey kisses wrapped in Valentine colored foils, and scissors or wire cutters

Each ring requires two pipe cleaners and 1 Hersey’s kiss

Assembly:  Take two pipe cleaners, place them one on top of the other in opposite diagonals to look like a X, twist the middle of the X section to join them together, lay the X flat against the surface and place the flat side of the Hersey’s kiss at the junction of the X,  bring all four sides of the pipe cleaners up around the kiss and then twist them tightly together at the point of the Hersey’s kiss,  then straighten out the remaining  pipe cleaners with two in each direction, to mold the ring- place the Hersey’s kiss over the end of your finger and wrap the pipe cleaners around your finger in opposite directions one time  and then wrap it around the point of the kiss, trim off the excess pipe cleaner and tuck in the metal end so no sharp points are exposed.  Now place the rings on your child’s royal finger or fingers so the fun may begin!

Fingerprint Valentine Cards


Valentine Cards or notes made from a child’s finger and thumb prints are always precious.  You are limited only by your imagination.  You can make hearts, people, animals, flowers and much more.   Washable stamp pads seem to work the best but you can also use washable watercolor paint.   If you are using watercolor paint, moisten the fingertip you are going to use then press down on the paint of choice and then press on the paper.  Let the stamp of paint dry and add the lines necessary to create the final product. 

Hand Hearts

Hand Hearts are made but placing the child’s hand in paint then have them lay one set of fingers over the other to form an upside down heart with their hands.  Make sure to invert the page they are painting on so when they are finished, you can turn the page right side up and have a heart made from their handprints.  Once it is dry have them sign it and add words of love or Valentine wishes to the recipient. 

There are oodles of fun games that can be incorporated into therapy with a Valentine’s theme, but one that is unique incorporates memory, language and fine motor skills.  It is the Memory game using Sweetheart Candies.  In case you are not sure which ones these are, they are the ones which have been around for generations, or at least since 1847.  The New England Confectionary Company or NECC has been providing hard heart shaped candy with words stamped across the heart, placed in boxes and given out by children all over on Valentine’s Day.  Find as many matches as possible then mix them up, with words down and try to find the matches.  Be sure to have some additional candies set aside so they can enjoy a sweet treat at the end of the game.   

I love the holidays because it is a great opportunity to break up a routine.   By adding in a few hearts or Valentine symbols, it becomes very motivating for the kids during therapy while still working on function.    Please share with us any fun Valentine therapy ideas you have used or are planning to use this year.  Happy Valentine’s Day!

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