The KingDome TM by UltraFit TM

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The KingDome TM by UltraFit TM


Denise Koonce OTR

I recently was in the home of one of my daughters friends to return her after a play date.  Their home is set up beautifully for a child with sensory needs and I am always impressed with what I see while I am there.  This visit was no exception and there was something new in the middle of the floor, an inviting purple rubber dome.  While I was there I observed the dome being sat upon, jumped on with two legs, jumped on with one leg at a time while alternating legs, and laid on, all without adult intervention or suggestion.  I was immediately drawn to such a “COOL” piece of equipment.  I had to touch it, turn it over, push on it and step on it.  “Where did you get that?” I asked.  “I love it!”

The KingDome TM by UltraFit TM is primary advertised as a fitness product but it has great potential in the therapy world as well.  The dome is 9” high X 18” in diameter, weighs approximately 3 – 4 pounds, and comes in various colors of the rainbow.  It is well constructed with dual layer construction making it very durable, with the outer layer textured and tacky for better traction.  In regards to therapy, it can be used as a wonderful sensory tool with great core strengthening options. 

For sensory purposes, the main achievable input is vestibular and proprioception from jumping.  The rubber material gives, just enough, to protect the ankle and foot while jumping, yet still provides enough bounciness.  You can work on strengthening core abdominal, gluteal, rhomboid, and trapezius muscles for improved trunk control while sitting.  You can also work on the same muscle groups plus add the lower extremity muscle groups.   By adding the lower extremities you can work on eccentric and concentric control on a unlevel dynamic surface in single leg stance or bipedal stance.  Due to the inherent qualities of the material, it provides enough “give” to activate the foot while supporting the arch.  You can grade these activities by placing the dome closer to a wall so if they need their upper extremity for balance they can use the wall.  A wall or mirror can also be set up to provide the activity by using shaving cream, stickers, magnets, etc. for reaching.  The dome has less girth than a therapy ball so you can get closer to the wall/mirror if necessary.   In addition, when used as a sitting surface during activities of daily living, the dome could be placed at a desk or other activity surface. 

I like the KingDome TM by UltraFit TM because it is a product that can be used in the home for therapy or with a home program, in a school setting or a clinic.  It is inviting and motivating while providing sensory input and core strengthening.  It is built to last and is very easy to clean.  If you are someone using this product in your home or clinic, please let us know what you think about the product.


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