Fun Family Holiday Games

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Fun Family Holiday Games


Denise Koonce OTR

Well the holidays are here!  The kids are home all day from school, family is coming and the last minute shopping has turned into a frenzy.  These events are culminating into a great crescendo of all the wonderful chaos that ensues during the holidays.  So what do you do during those calm moments or when you need a calm quiet moment?  How about holiday games?  Games can be fun but also effective to carry over a home program during the holidays.  They can provide visual, sensory, gross and fine motor intervention while playing together and having fun as a family.  Certain games also provide opportunities for expressive and receptive language as well as cognitive challenges and opportunities.  Here are just a few games to try: 

Santa Says – played like Simon Says but use Santa instead.  For festivity, have whoever is Santa wear a Santa hat while giving out the instructions.

Santa’s Sleigh Trip – I remember this game from my own Girl Scout days.  However, back then the theme was taking a camping trip and we would list the items we would take on a camping trip.  The object of the game is to list items from A – Z that Santa might have on his sleigh and each player takes their turn adding an item to the list under the alphabet letter that comes next.  For example, Santa is getting ready for his trip and he is going to take Apples – A, then the next person would say Santa is getting ready for his trip and he is taking apples and Balls – B, and so forth.  The next person will list the previous items and then add an item for the letter C. 

Puzzles – this is an older holiday tradition to sit around the table together and complete a jigsaw puzzle.    They come in all sizes and difficulties, in complexity of picture to number of pieces.  Puzzles provide a great visual perceptual and fine motor activity. 

Other non-holiday themed games that are good to play over the holidays are dominos, memory, go fish, and UNO, to mention a few.   A new game out this year is a different version of HEDBANZ called HEDBANZ ACT UP! by Spin Master.  Instead of guessing what the card says on top of your head by asking questions to the other players, the other players will act out what your word is for you to try and guess. 

No matter which games you decide to add to your holiday schedule, there are numerous ones to choose from that can bring your family together and have carry over for a home program during the holidays.  If your family has a different game you play during the holidays please share it with us.  May your holidays be full of fun, family and fond memories!

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