Easter Egg Hunt

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Easter Egg Hunt


Denise Koonce OTR


There is something very mysterious and exciting about an Easter egg hunt.  I have joked throughout my adult life that by having children it provides you with the excuses to continue your imagination and childhood a little longer.  It provides you with free reign to indulge in those fun childhood experiences and for me dying and hunting Easter eggs was one of the best.  I really enjoyed the entire process from dying and decorating them to hunting them on Easter morning and now I get to enjoy the hiding.  My daughter enjoyed it so much when she was young that we hid and hunted Easter eggs long after Easter was over.   Using boiled eggs in therapy is a bit difficult but plastic Easter eggs can be incredibly diverse.  There are many fun ways to incorporate plastic colored Easter eggs into therapy.  By doing so, it changes the activity just enough that you can continue to work on the same goal but with a different medium and give some novelty to the treatment activities you are using.  The diversity of how an egg can be utilized allows it to be used across disciplines.   Here are just a few ideas:   

Easter egg Hunt – for a twist on the traditional hunt once you have hidden the eggs have your patient find the eggs using a scooter board, or if they are working on gait with or without a walker, forearm crutches, or new orthotics the eggs are a great motivator.  For a more sensory experience hide the eggs in the ball pit or rice and bean tubs.  I saw on the internet a unique trick of putting a glow in the dark bracelet stick into the eggs which really lights up the egg in the dark.  It provides a great visual change and could be done in a treatment room with the lights off or dimmed. 

Sensory Eggs – place different textures inside the eggs and then have them explore those textures.  You could use Gak, Velcro, different pieces of material, rubber squishes, sandpaper, play dough, bubble wrap, thera-putty infused with sand or any of the textures your patient needs to work on.

Matching eggs- you can match up all kinds of things.  Letters – upper and lower case, letters and their phonetic sounds, numbers, words and their definitions, synonyms, antonyms, pictures of community workers and their job titles, etc.  Create a matching game by covering up the matching pieces with the egg halves, instead of turning the actual game pieces over, so they turn over the egg halves to see what is under and then find its match.   

Sequencing eggs – place a sequence series in a set of eggs and after they open the eggs have them place the pictures in order.  Place pictures representing a book you are reading in the eggs and have them put the pictures in sequence to the book or have them hand you the picture as you read related to that section of the book.             

Language eggs-place words in the individual eggs and once they have opened and removed all of the words ask them to create a sentence using the words.   

Oral Sensory eggs – If you are working on oral sensory you can place different flavors or textures in the eggs they need to try.  Use the variety of Easter food products that are on the shelves this time of year to add to your usual array of offering such as the sour and tart flavored candies and peeps.

If you have patients using the Integrated Listening system you can add some egg fun by having them play the egg roll, egg carry with a spoon, or the egg toss game for a change in coordination and motor activities. 

To further incorporate the eggs into treatment you can use them while on the sensory swings for picking up and placing in the basket.  If you are doing ball work, use the eggs for reaching and grasping activities in numerous positions (i.e. sitting, prone, and falling off the world) then reaching and placing in the basket. 

This is another opportunity for you as a therapist to relive a bit of your childhood.  I believe you will be very pleased with the positive reaction you will receive from your patients.  If you have used plastic Easter eggs in other ways please share them with us.  Have fun hiding!

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