Reach Therapy Center Awarded NDTA “Center of Excellence”

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Center of Excellence

Center of Excellence
Denise Koonce OTR

Remember in our first blog when I mentioned our “E” for excellence?  Well now it is official.  We were recently honored by the Neuro-Developmental Treatment Association (NDTA) as a NDTA Center of Excellence!

The NDTA’s mission is to promote the Neuro-Developmental Treatment approach.  Neuro-Developmental Treatment (NDT) is a therapeutic approach used by clinicians who work with people with stroke, traumatic brain injury, cerebral palsy or similar neuropathologies.  Examination, evaluation, and intervention are grounded in an on-going process of clinical problem-solving which considers both strengths and limitations of the individual.  NDT clinicians analyze each person’s functional activities and limitations by observing the postures and movements that support and limit these functions and hypothesizing their relationships to underlying system integrities and impairments.  The clinician, in consultation with the individual, family, and health and education team, seeks to determine effective intervention to restore or develop the individual’s meaningful life skills.  A hallmark of that intervention is the judicious use of therapeutic handling, adapted to the characteristics of the individual and carried out within meaningful tasks and contexts.

The Neuro-Developmental Treatment Association held their National Conference in May and announced that Reach Therapy Center was selected as one of two facilities nation wide to be recognized as the first  NDTA Centers of Excellence.  Our Director of Professional Development, Sue Muenks, was present to receive the honor in California.  Sue stated “It was an incredible honor to have our organization selected after considerable dedication over the last few years and lots of hard work.”

The goals set by NDTA for a NDTA Center of Excellence are aligned with our own goals and is best stated by Gay Girolami, PT, PhD, C/NDT, NDTA President and Sara Kerrick, PT, C/NDT, NDTA Education Committee Chair:

“A Center of Excellence is a center that “lives” NDT.  It is a center that promotes NDT education to its staff, opens its doors to neighbor therapists to take NDT courses, and promotes NDT to their patients/clients through education and treatment.  It encompasses current concepts of NDT as well as current involvement with the association (NDTA).  A Center of Excellence represents a facility that has met the established standards for this prestigious recognition.”

We will continue to update you on our journey while striving for Excellence in new educational opportunities, new research information and ongoing patient/therapist resources.   If your life or a life of someone you know has improved because of the NDTA approach, please write and tell us about it.

To view NDTA’s Center of Excellence click here!

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